ClipAisle App allows you to record videos in live concerts with
amazing sound right from your Smartphone.

Build your own personal cloud of live music.

Clean live sound so you can actually enjoy the music!

Clip it and Share it everywhere!

Authentic as Vinyl. Pure as CD. Light as MP3. Endless like a stream..
ClipAisle turns all recorded videos from the audience into a full HD experience.
Your fabulous videos. Our quality sound. And yes, it’s completely free.
ClipAisle operates with full cooperation with the performing artists and legal rights organizations.
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ClipAisle is operated by HII-Media located in Paramus, NJ. The company was founded in 2013 by Guy Zagron,
A musician and audio specialist who together with two more founding partners mixed all ingredients together to
make a little dream come true.

Guy Zagron

Shai Shoham
CEO Israel
ClipAisle is currently running only in the Israeli market in a pilot period, we are getting ready to launch shortly.
We would like to thank all the amazing artists who chose to work with us.
If you wish to join our test teams you're welcome to drop us a line below.
Either you are a performing artist, live music groupie, music executive, manager, blogger, radio jockey or just a music
lover like the rest of us. Take advantage. Download our free App and drop us a line.