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What we do

ClipAisle mobile App makes it possible for audiences around the world to record videos during live concerts with amazing sound.​
Your fabulous videos. Our quality sound.  And yes, it’s completely free!
Build your own personal cloud of live music
Build your own personal cloud of live music.
Crisp clear sound so you can actually enjoy the music
Crisp clear sound so you can actually enjoy the music!
Clip it and share it everywhere
Share everywhere
Authentic as Vinyl, Pure as CD,Light as MP3, Endless like a stream
Authentic as Vinyl
Pure as CD
Light as MP3
Endless like a stream..

How it works

ClipAisle software is distributed freely to selected artists and venues around the world,

Each show automatically becomes an album made by the artist and its audience sharing a moment.


ClipAisle algorithm collect all videos captured by the audience, syncs with mastered audio and combine all videos into a full audio-visual album with CD-quality sound instantly available online.



*ClipAisle can only be activated with the full cooperation with the performing artists and labels.

Listen to a demo:

Without ClipAisle
With ClipAisle

Who we are

ClipAisle is a startup company founded by Music, Media, and Tech enthusiasts, pioneering in the content-automation industry. We are currently based in Israel, South-Africa and the USA.

Michael Balkind
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Michael Balkind


Co-founder, Content Creation, Curation & Distribution.
Owner of 'JHB-Live' online magazine and 'Contentbar' content agency

Yossf Ben Shoan
Guy Zagron
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Yossef (Okee) Ben-Shoan


Co-founder, Engineer, entrepreneur and investor, 0wner of a leading commercial company in the hi-end home automation industry and building management systems since 1997 (HII-USA LLY).

Hi level software developer C++,C#. complex network systems.

Guy Zagron


Co-founder, musician and audio-engineer, Institute of Audio Research grad (NYC-2009). tech supervisor at IBA (Israel Broadcast Authority). Very well experienced with the live music industry on and off stage, 

Our Vision

ClipAisle's story

We love live music. We love recording concerts and capturing the momentary art of performance in the best possible quality. ClipAisle is made by musicians for fellow musicians. our idea was deeply influenced by Jerry Garcia and the Grateful-Dead, who introduced a new open approach to live performances and sound, by allowing anyone in the audience to connect directly to the band's soundboard in their concerts. an entire movement of tappers formed around the group resulting in the most comprehensive collection of unforgettable performances of the Dead which still lives on today.

Long Live The Dead!

ClipAisle's vision

We are creating the largest source of a new kind of premium quality live music content.

ClipAisle's technology

ClipAisle cloud platform is an entire eco-system tailored for the live-music industry starting from capturing a recording, mastering the sound, assembling a playlist, synchronizing audio to video, editing a video clip for each song and up to the distribution of every show as a new form of a digital album.

Our set of algorithms and cloud service does all that and some more...


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