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ClipAisle re-inventing live-music and concert recordings

For Bands By Fans

The future of live music is already in your hands

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What we do

ClipAisle mobile App makes it possible for audiences around the world to record videos during live concerts with amazing sound.​
Your fabulous videos. Our quality sound.  And yes, it’s completely free!
Build your own personal cloud of live music
Build your own personal cloud of live music.
Crisp clear sound so you can actually enjoy the music
Crisp clear sound so you can actually enjoy the music!
Clip it and share it everywhere
Share everywhere
Authentic as Vinyl, Pure as CD,Light as MP3, Endless like a stream
Authentic as Vinyl
Pure as CD
Light as MP3
Endless like a stream..
What we do

How it works

ClipAisle software is distributed freely to selected artists and venues around the world,

Each show automatically becomes an album made by the artist and its audience sharing a moment.


ClipAisle algorithm collect all videos captured by the audience, syncs with mastered audio and combine all videos into a full audio-visual album with CD-quality sound instantly available online.



*ClipAisle can only be activated with the full cooperation with the performing artists and labels.

Listen to a demo:

ClipAisle Tech Demo Video - BEFORE
Play Video
Without ClipAisle